Authority Members


Dr Adolf Macheka

Ms Tendai Wenyika

President - Dr Adolf Macheka Vice President - Ms Tendai Wenyika

Authority members recognize the importance of good corporate governance and its impact on the internal regulation of the Authority.  The Authority is composed of fourteen (14) members consisting of the chairperson of each of the seven health professions councils, the Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and six additional persons  (who are not health practitioners)  appointed by the Minister in line with Section 6 of the Health Professions Act.

The members are thus drawn from a diverse spectrum of professions and backgrounds and bring to the Authority a wide range of expertise. The Authority members are mandated to direct and oversee the running of the Authority. Authority members meet regularly to monitor and evaluate progress and achievements of the Authority's strategic objectives and implementation and to review policies as and when necessary. Section 13 of the Health Professions Act provides that, "For the better exercise of its functions the Authority may establish committees to which it may delegate, either absolutely or subject to conditions, such of its functions as it thinks fit. Provided that such a delegation shall not prevent the Authority from exercising the functions concerned and that the Authority may amend or withdraw any decision of a committee in the exercise of its delegated functions."

Persons who are not members of the Authority can be appointed to be a member of any committee in line with section 13 (3) of the Health Professions Act.
Accordingly, the Authority has established Committees to assist in the discharge of its duties as follows:

Executive Committee

The full Board of the Authority meets quarterly and in between these quarterly meetings, the Executive Committee meets where necessary to execute the business of the Authority. The Executive Committee members are as follows:

Dr A. Macheka (Chairperson)
Ms T. Wenyika
Mr H. Musongwe
Ms L. Dodzo
Mr D. Chibanda
Mrs P. Musarurwa (Legal Member)

Business and Finance Committee
The role of the Business and Finance Committee is to review and provide guidance for the organization's financial matters. The committee reviews revenue and expenses and ensures that funds are spent appropriately.

The Committee oversees the Authority's human resources issues and develops the required business plans. The Committee comprises the following members:

Mr H. Musongwe (Chairperson)
Reverend Matonga
Ms H. Machamire
Mrs R. Mudarikwa
Mr R. Mubvumi

Audit and Risk Management Committee
The Audit and Risk Management Committee is responsible for presenting a balanced and understandable assessment of the Authority's position and prospects. It is responsible for monitoring the Authority's business performance and probity under the rubric of value for money. The Committee receives and reviews the Authority's audited financial statements before submission to the Board and it is composed of the following members:

Ms L. Dodzo (Chairperson)
Mrs D. Machando
Mrs C. Vunganayi
Mr U. Chitapi
Mr E. Chiro

Registration Committee
The Registration Committee is responsible for considering and approving applications from health institutions for registration with the Authority. The Committee also receives inspection reports, reviews and approves recommended action to be taken. Penalties and disciplinary action for non compliance is handled by the Committee and it comprises the following members:

Mr D. Chibanda (Chairperson)
Mr C. B. Mashanda
Dr C. Pasi
Mr G. Timire
Mrs P. Munangati-Manongwa
Ms G. N. Mahlangu
Mr F. Marufu
Mrs P. Musarurwa

 Appeals Committee

An important role of the Authority as enshrined in Section 5 (f) of the Act is to mediate and settle any disputes arising between councils or between  a council and a registered person and to hear appeals referred to it in terms of the Act. The Committee is responsible for handling this role and is composed of the following members:

Dr A. Macheka (Chairperson)
Ms T. Wenyika
Mr H. Musongwe
Ms L. Dodzo
Mr D. Chibanda
Mrs P. Musarurwa (Legal Member)

Other Committees may be formed and meet as and when the need arises.


Board Members of the Health Professions Authority



Mr. Adolf Macheka (President)

Chairperson – Medical and Dental Practitioners Council

Ms Tendai Wenyika (Vice President)

Representative – Women’s Organizations


Mr Unity Marvellous Chitapi

Chairperson -Medical Rehabilitation Practitioners Council

Mr Dombo Chibanda

Chairperson – Environmental Health Practitioners Council

Mr Erick Revai Chiro


Chairperson – Pharmacists Council


Mrs Debra Machando

Chairperson - Allied Health Practitioners Council

Mrs Lillian Gertrude Dodzo

Chairperson – Nurses Council

Mr Ranganai Charles Mubvumbi

Chairperson – Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council

Mrs Chuma Hope Vunganayi

Representative - College of Health Sciences

Mrs Rosewitter Mudarikwa

Representative - Disability

Reverend Forbs Matonga

Representative – Churches


Mr Henry Musongwe

Representative – Consumer Council


Mrs Patronella Takawadiyi- Musarurwa

Representative – Law Society of Zimbabwe


Brigadier General (Dr) Gerald Gwinji

Representative – Ministry of Health and Child Care

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