Human Resources

The Health Professions Authority recognises the importance of its human capital as key for the delivery of quality service to clients. The human resources function is responsible for compensation and benefits management, performance management, training and development.

In compensation and benefits management, the Human Resources function looks at job evaluation, job grading and pay scales for staff. Market surveys are undertaken from time to time to benchmark the competitiveness of what we pay in comparison with similar organisations in our industry. Our pay strategy is that we pay in line with the trends in our comparator organisations. Whilst our pay philosophy is that we pay for performance rather than for entitlement or tenure. However, long service is awarded separately through a long service award programme of the Authority.

The Human Resources function is also responsible for the performance management system of the organisation to ensure alignment of employee performance with the Authority's objectives. Tools used in the performance management process include performance appraisal, 360 degree feedback and the balance scorecard. The results of the performance management process are used as inputs for the Authority's training programme.

Training and development is a portfolio also handled by the Human Resources function. There is a training programme that is driven by the objectives of the Authority, this is done by looking at the objectives of the Authority and assess the availability of the necessary skills to meet those objectives. A training programme is tailor made to address any skills gap. There is also training driven by the performance appraisal outcome. Each employee's performance is measured against set targets and a training programme is put in place to address any performance gap. The Human Resources function also comes up with training programmes to meet the day to day generic training needs of staff. This is done by coming up with a generic training calendar at the beginning of each year and the intention is to update the skills of employees in their different functional areas.

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