Ethical Conduct

Health Professions Authority believes that ethical conduct requires more than compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern us.

We are an organization that is deeply committed to maintaining high standards of health care within the country.  Some critical attributes necessary are that we will be:

  1. frank, but humble: which means being open about our intentions and  giving informed opinions whilst respecting the value of the contribution of others;
  1. honest, but shrewd:  which means being truthful in all our endeavours, honest and forthright with one another and with our clients but not naive in our approach;
  1. efficient, yet still paying attention to detail:  which means delivering what we have promised but not cutting corners to do so;
  1. consistent, but dynamic:  which means being reliable and providing valid information but being able to see and create opportunities;
  1. innovative, without being reckless:  which means being able to understand where a change will bring greater value but within a regulatory framework;
  1. original, without having to re-invent the wheel:  which means finding solutions that are built on ground already well found;  and
  1. Hard working, yet finding time to enjoy God's gift of life:  which means we will deliver to or above benchmarked performance standards but will also ensure that we honour and give time and attention to other important aspects of our lives.
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