Accounts Receivables

The Accounts Receivable unit is responsible for receipting all payments received from members.All payments to the Authority are done through direct deposits and transfers to the Authority's bank account. It has to be emphasized that Inspectors and accounts staff are not allowed to collect or handle cash from members. For every payment made to the Authority, members are advised to make sure that they get a receipt and check that it reflects the actual amount paid for.

The unit is responsible for ensuring that members who wish to make payments for the registration or renewal of their licenses do so with ease.The Authority recognizes that it is costly for some members to travel to Harare for purposes of making their payments,hence the making of payments through direct deposits into the Authority’s bank account. Details of the Authority’s bank account can be obtained from the Finance Manager.

The Accounts Receivable unit aspires to have all health institutions pay their applicable fees so that resources are available to enable the Authority to carry out its statutory mandate effectively.
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