Protection of Public Interest

Health Professions Authority and the Protection of Public Interest
The Health professions Authority plays three major important roles of acting as the umbrella body for the seven health profession councils, acting as an appealing body for any dispute between health practitioners and their councils, and protection of public interest. The role of protecting public interest is carried out as well through three major ways of overseeing the activities of councils to ensure that public concerns issues are addressed, inspecting health institutions to ensure that they meet quality standards and that they do not cause harm to the patient, and acting as an appealing body for members of the public who are not satisfied with decisions of councils in handling their complaints.  

For members of the public who want to lodge a complaint against a health practitioner the procedure is as follows: They should first identify the relevant council to which the health practitioner belongs and then forward a written complaint to that applicable council. If the members of the public are not satisfied with response from the applicable council, they then appeal to the Authority.  


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