Types of Inspections

The Authority conducts various types of inspections, each done for a different reason:

  1. Initial inspections – done for all health institutions applying for registration with the HPA to assess if they meet the minimum requirements of their category.
  2. Routine inspections- conducted for existing health institutions to check if standards are being maintained.
  3. Investigative inspections- conducted following a complaint of either malpractices or substandard premises from the public or other health professionals.  The inspection will be carried out to investigate on the matters raised and also check on the general condition of the health institution.
  4. Follow-up inspections- conducted to check on the progress made to attend to the highlighted shortfalls at the last inspection.


The inspections may be conducted by HPA Inspectors only or jointly by members from other councils.  The Inspectors will be using the minimum requirements of that type of institution.   Depending on the criticality of the shortfalls, the practitioners are usually given from two weeks to a month in which to attend to the shortfalls.

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