Finance Department



                                                           Patricia Jengera - Finance Manager

The Health Professions Authority Finance department is made up of two units, the Accounts Receivables unit and Accounts Payables unit.

The Finance department is headed by the Accountant who  reports to the Secretary General.

In line with the vision of being recognized as the world-class benchmark, the Finance department strives to provide best in class service to the Authority’s clients.

The Finance Department provides services to the Authority’s clients that include issuing of statements to ensure that clients are aware of what they have paid and what they still owe the Authority.

In addition to the statements, reminders are sent out in a timely fashion so that clients are given enough information to effect their payments. Reminders are thus sent out to clients in the last quarter of  each year so that clients can make their payments in time.

The department keeps clients’ contact details such as postal, physical and e-mail addresses for easy and faster communication with clients. In liaison with the Inspectorate Department, account numbers  are given to clients for quick access and follow ups of one’s account.

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