Registration of a Hospital or facility with more than one (1) department

The hospital/facility will have one Registration Certificate regardless of the number of departments it has, as long as they are all under the same management. Only when the facility sublets the unit/department to an independent service provider; will the unit/department require separate registration. For all additional units/ departments, a once off application fee will be required and the new unit/departments should be inspected and approved by HPA before use.

Sharing of premises

Practitioners operating from the same physical/local address may register their premises as individuals or as partners, depending on their situation as defined below:

  • Health practitioners with the same qualifications sharing the premises

When two (2) or more practitioners with the same qualifications have a room each in the same premises and share the reception, their premises would be registered as one entity. The Health Institution will be issued one (1) Registration Certificate bearing the names of all the practitioners. The practitioners will share the liability of the practice.

  • Health practitioners from different Councils sharing the premises

When 2 health practitioners from different Councils have rooms in the same premises and share the reception, (e.g. Medical Doctor, Nurse, Radiographer or Sonographer), their rooms are registered as separate Health Institutions.

  • General Medical Practitioner and Specialist Practitioner


When a General Medical Practitioner and Specialist Practitioner have a room each in the same premises, the rooms will be registered as separate Health Institutions.  Each room will be issued with own Registration Certificate.

Change of premises

When the practitioner moves premises from one place to another, they have to restart the application process. Even if a practitioner moves into premises that have been previously registered, the new practitioner will have to go through the registration process.

Change of ownership

Practitioners cannot take over the running of a facility.  The new practitioner will have to reapply for the registration on the premises in his/her name.  The HPA Registration Certificate is not transferable.

Changes in the practitioner in charge

For large institutions- when the practitioner in charge changes, before the new practitioner may be added on to the certificate, the relevant Council must be informed about the change first.  The change will only be effected at HPA when a letter has been received from the relevant Council accepting the changes.

A representative of the institution shall fill in a Material Change form indicating the changes being made, and pay the material change fee.  NB- the new practitioner may not fill in the Material change form.  The new practitioner in charge's current practising certificate must be attached to the application form.

Validity of HPA Registration Certificate

The HPA Registration Certificate is valid for one (1) calendar year and must be renewed on or before the 1st of January of each year.

Registration fees

The registration fees depend on the type of facility.  Please contact the office for the actual fees.

Minimum requirements of each facility

The minimum requirements of each facility are available at request from the HPA office.

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