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Authority members recognize the importance of good corporate governance and its impact on the internal regulation of the Authority. The Authority is composed of sixteen (16) members consisting of the chairperson of each of the eight health professions councils, the Ministry of Health and Childcare Representative and seven additional persons (who are not health practitioners) appointed by the Minister in line with Section 6 of the Health Professions Act.

The members are thus drawn from a diverse spectrum of professions and backgrounds and bring to the Authority a wide range of expertise. The Authority members are mandated to direct and oversee the running of the Authority. Authority members meet regularly to monitor and evaluate progress and achievements of the Authority’s strategic objectives and implementation and to review policies as and when necessary. Section 13 of the Health Professions Act provides that, “For the better exercise of its functions the Authority may establish committees to which it may delegate, either absolutely or subject to conditions, such of its functions as it thinks fit. Provided that such a delegation shall not prevent the Authority from exercising the functions concerned and that the Authority may amend or withdraw any decision of a committee in the exercise of its delegated functions.”

Current HPA Board

Front row from left to right: Mrs E. Muyambuki, Mrs R.Hofisi, Mr R Mubvumbi (HPA President), Prof R. Kambarami (HPA Vice President) and Mr P. Masendeke

FRONT ROW FROM LEFT: Sister E. Maseve, Mr S. Humure (Secretary General), Mr R. Mubvumbi (HPA President), Mr P. Masendeke, Dr T. Magwali, Mr H. Musongwe, Prof R. Kambarami (HPA Vice President).

Back Row: From Left to Right: Prof D Tagwirei, Dr T Magwali, Mrs C. Chimbwanda (HPA Acting Secretary General) and Mr H Musongwe

Under Absent: Ministry of Health and Childcare Representative, Advocate T. Magwaliba, Dr P Mucheto, Mr P Mwendera, Prof C Maponga, Dr C Nhunzi

The following is the membership of the Authority stipulated in Section 6 of the Act:

HPA President

Mr Ranganayi Charles Mubvumbi

The Authority is headed by a President and a Vice President elected from among the Members outlined above.

The Health Professions Authority plays important roles of acting as an appealing body for any dispute between health practitioners and their councils, and protection of public interest.

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